About MTR Academy

MTR Academy - a global training hub for railway management and operation

High quality railway services are critically important to the future of fast-growing cities around the world as a driver of economic development and to provide the essential mobility to support the way that citizens want to live their daily lives.

Foreseeing the increasing need for highly capable railway-related professionals, the MTR Academy has been established as a global training and research hub that upholds and further develops world-class performance and creates success.

Through its tailor-made training curriculum, the MTR Academy will develop railway executives and professionals in Hong Kong, the Mainland of China and around the world to drive excellence for existing railway operations, railway expansion and major infrastructure projects in the decades to come.

By providing better railway service, we create better cities and improve the citizens' quality of life.

Growing MTR Quality Worldwide

Under the umbrella of MTR Corporation, the MTR Academy shares the very same MTR Quality that inspires trust and excellence, and ultimately brings success to all of our stakeholders including the government, business community, strategic partners, program participants and our staff.

One of the most outstanding traits of MTR Quality is its world-class quality control process which ensures safety. We have invested countless hours and manpower into building up an operation and maintenance mechanism that works meticulously to ensure a safe and comfortable journey, and have accumulated a wealth valuable experience and insight into railway operation.

We also strive to improve continually as we are committed to excellence in everything we do. This explains why the MTR has a robust training and development mechanism where we learn by continuously developing and deepening our industry knowledge, by keeping up to date with the latest skills and technology, and by keeping up with the best practices of our counterparts all over the world.

Looking into the future, we envision MTR Academy to become a recognized training centre for railway management, engineering and technology. That means we are going to provide high quality training programs for staff, the Hong Kong community, and railway industry practitioners in the Mainland and overseas.

Our aims are as the following:

  • Uplift the standard and strengthen professionalism of the railway industry in Hong Kong, Mainland and overseas.
  • Cascade the MTR Quality, best practices and range of expertise worldwide.
  • Enhance the competencies of MTR workforce and the public through systematic training and development programmes.

Our Priorities

As a wholly owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation, the MTR Academy will build on and further develop one of the most extensive in-house training programmes in the international railway industry that incorporates everyday operation, management needs, business goals, customer feedback and global best practices. Currently, MTR's team of full-time trainers offer about 7,000 classes in functional and management training every year for the company's 17,000 staff in Hong Kong and international business partners.

With dedicated headquarters in Hong Kong and utilising the full suite of MTR’s advanced railway training facilities and resources locally and the affiliated training centres in its railway operation hubs in the Mainland of China and overseas, the MTR Academy offers:

  • Tailor-made signature Corporate Service programmes designed for railway executives and management worldwide
  • Accredited programmes to nurture the next generations of railway professionals for the local community
  • Short courses for industry-related professionals across a wide spectrum of topics covering safety, railway operation, asset management, system engineering and customer service
  • Customised training programmes 

The MTR Academy will also host the Rail Transit Excellence Community (RTEC), a multi-faceted platform for railway operators to network and exchange their know-how on rail transit best practices, management systems and operational expertise to pursue service and operational excellence.  The Community will form Centres of Excellence on safety, asset management, system engineering, customer service and operations training.

Drawing on MTR Corporation's established global network of industry leaders, key suppliers, and academic and professional institutions, the MTR Academy will facilitate and undertake:

  • Applied research and development in railway engineering and operation, and management practices
  • Sharing of best practices and peer review for rail operators
  • Cross-country exchanges in professional training

Strategic Role in the Belt and Road Initiative

To support the Belt and Road initiative, the MTR Academy aims to play a strategic role in promoting the export of Hong Kong' s professional railway industrial skills and knowledge, and further developing Hong Kong into a global transport professional services hub.