MTR Research Funding (MRF) Scheme


MRF is a funding scheme supporting forward-looking research projects to explore, shape and realise the mass public transport systems of tomorrow. Submitted proposals should look beyond the issues and problems of today, breach the boundaries of current solutions and thinking, aspire to future social purposes and offer insights into achieving services and operational excellence for tomorrow's transport.

Rail transport interacts with individuals, communities, the environment, economy and other transport modes and it evolves with the society with unique roles and values. MRF welcomes proposals from all disciplines of academic research to contribute toward the holistic development of rail transport and keep us ahead of the future transport challenges.

Scheme Highlights:

  • Maximum total funding up to HK$1.5 million for 3 years
  • Submission of proposals to be invited every year
  • All proposals to be peer-reviewed
  • Research studentship strongly encouraged with stipends supported
  • Intellectual Property Rights ownership to be negotiated
  • Selected research themes in each call for proposals
  • Opportunity to continue research or development with MTR and its subsidiaries

Themes of 2023

  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for Metro/ Rail Operators
  • Post-pandemic Public Transport
  • Smart Community/ Real Estate Management




MRF2023 Funding Allocation Results



Download Documents

Documents about the scheme and application form could be downloaded below:

Funded Projects