Training Facilities

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Training Facilities

To simulate the operation of all existing and new AFC equipment available on our system such that practical training could be provided to Operations & Maintenance staff.

To provide practical training for controllers in ATSS operation under normal and incident scenarios.

Automatic Train Supervision System (ATSS) Simulator

Train Cab Simulator

To provide hands on practice on basic Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) operation as well as defect and incident handling.

To provide practical opportunities on traffic regulation through panel operation.

Signalling Simulator

Platform Screen Door (PSD)

To provide practical opportunities for station staff, train captain and maintenance staff through operation physical operation.

To provide practical training on Station Management System operation

Station Management Operations Training Simulator (SMOTS)

Integrated Training Facilities (ITF)

To provide high fidelity team training through integration of Control, Train and Station staff join exercises

To provide practice opportunities on trains traffic regulation through panel operation and radio communication under routine and incident handling scenarios

Signalling Indication and Control Panel (SICP) Simulator

Main Control System (MCS) Training Simulator

To provide practical training on MCS operation and maintenance.

To provide basic signalling concept training and application of railway safety rules as well as the back knowledge on railway operation.

Railway Task Trainer (RTT)

Telecommunication System

To provide practical training on the telecommunication system such as configuration & fault diagnosis.