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As one of the globally recognised industry leaders, MTR Corporation has been the trusted advisor of various railway companies and projects around the world. Based on our track record of success, the MTR Academy is taking one step further to offer tailor-made training programmes for executives and management as the following:

Executive & Professional Programmes

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Executive Certificate in Asset Management (ECAM)New! 

20 – 24 May 2019


Executive Certificate in Railway Operations Management (ECROM)New! 

27 – 31 May 2019


Professional Certificate in Operations and Engineering for Railway Service Provisions (PCOER)New! 

11 – 14 Jun 2019

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The Rail Transit Excellence Community aims to be a multi-faceted platform for railway operators of One Belt One road countries to network and facilitate collaborative efforts in pursuit of rail transit best practices, management systems and operational excellence.

To achieve this goal, the MTR Academy will host the Community and co-ordinate activities for its members. Membership is by invitation only.

Centres of Excellence (CoE)

The Community will form Centres of Excellence (CoE) in

  • Safety
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Service
  • Systems Engineering
  • Operations Training

Each Centre of Excellence will be led by a subject matter expert, seasoned by years of industry practice or by a renowned academic, esteemed for published works in applied research. The Centres exist for the benefit of its members and will feature interactive exchange and learning through training programmes, round table discussions, peer reviews, continuous improvement initiatives benchmarked to industry best practices and applied research studies.

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MTR Academy provides training services tailored to the clients' requirement.

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