Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

To expand MTR Academy's sphere of influence and reach out to a wide audience, the Academy has collaborated with the following overseas and local institutions.

MTR Academy partners with Hong Kong College of Technology (HKCT) on Applied Learning (ApL) subject in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination. Senior secondary schools students will be able to select Railway Studies as one subject in the HKDSE examination to learn about safety in railway, railway technology and railway operations.

The course is operated by HKCT starting from September 2018. MTR Academy plays the role of the Supporting Parnter to provide content, facilities and teachers' nomination.

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MTR Academy supports teaching delivery on railway-specific subjects for the programme "MSc in Electrical Engineering (Railway Systems)". This programme provides a keyhole view for the local engineering graduates to peer into the unique and all-encompassing world of railway engineering industry and their practices.

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Sharing the same vision in promoting high standards and practices in advancing competency and capability among the railway professionals, MTR Academy and Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (Hong Kong Section) are working closely on education and training provision for the professionals and interested parties associated with railway signalling, telecommunications, train control and traffic management systems.

MTR Academy partners with Vocational Training Council in facilitating technical skill practices as well as effective learning transfer for the railway engineering related programme students.