Message from President

Welcome to the MTR Academy!

As the President of the MTR Academy, I am excited to share with you the insights, knowledge and experience of MTR Corporation which have transformed the role of a railway operator from merely providing a means of transport into an enabler that enhances mobility, connects communities and helps drive economic and social development.

Having been with the MTR Corporation for more than three decades, I have witnessed amazing changes within the organisation that have helped MTR grow into one of the best railway operators in the world. Our management philosophy has evolved into one that is people-centric, creating a distinctive brand of “MTR quality” that is reflected in every facet of our business. Our operation processes have been developed into best practices in the industry. MTR has also inspired us to create a unique business model that combines railway, retail, residential property and commercial property, giving rise to thriving communities along the railway line.

Time and again, I have seen how MTR has been able to transform communities at home, in the Mainland of China, and in overseas destinations such as London, Stockholm and Melbourne. We are able to change how local railway operators perceive themselves, and give them insights and practical tools to implement changes in management and operation. As a result, they are able to operate and develop their railway systems in a manner that is not only safe and efficient, but also conducive to creating a better community for growth and opportunities.

With the founding of MTR Academy, we will be able to make use of our decades of experience and world-wide industry network to tailor programmes to suit your professional development needs. We aim to become a global transport professional training hub supporting the Belt and Road Initiative. Whether you are an aspiring learner, a railway professional, a high-flying executive, a railway operator or a transport authority, we are honoured to be part of your amazing journey.

Morris Cheung
MTR Academy