MTR Academy hosts the Inaugural Forum for Rail Transit Excellence Community (2017/11/24)

Hosted by the MTR Academy, the Inaugural Forum of the Rail Transit Excellence Community (RTEC) was held on 30-31 October 2017 in Hong Kong at the MTR Academy, Hung Hom Centre.

Rail Transit Excellence Community is a multi-faceted platform for railway operators of One Belt One Road countries to network. It facilitates collaborative efforts in pursuit of rail transit best practices, management systems and operational excellence.

The Community is currently made up of 8 metro companies, which includes Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Co. Ltd (BEM), Jeddah Metro, Istanbul Metro, MRT Jakarta, Macau GIT and Manila LRT, Rapid Rail Kuala Lumpur, plus Hong Kong MTR. Membership is by invitation only.

During the Inaugural Forum, members shared their experience and raised questions for discussion around the topics of new lines opening, issues relating to un-attended train operations, maintenance strategy insourcing versus outsourcing and regulatory framework. It was attended by Bangkok BEM, MRT Jakarta and Transportation Infrastructure Office of Macau.

The next meeting scheduled for May 2018 will take place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo Caption (Group Photo)

Host: President of MTR Academy, Mr Morris Chung (middle), Senior Manager -Operations Development & Strategy, Mr Felix Ng, (4th from the right), Operations Manager-KTL & TWL, Mr. Ronnie Tong (2nd from the right) and Graduate Engineer, Mr. Chapman Ip (1st on the right).

Members: Deputy Managing Director, Operations & Engineering (Rail) Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Co. Ltd. Mr Witoon Hatairatana (5th from left), Director of Operation & Maintenance, MRT Jakarta, Mr. Agung Wicaksono (5th from right), Head Of HR Management Department, MRT Jakarta, Mr. Rendi Alhial (4th from left), Management Department, MRT Jakarta, Ms. Damaris Hastiti (3rd from left), Senior Technician, Macau GIT, Mr. Kevin Lau Ka Long (1st from the left) and Ms. Ivy Ip Weng Chi (2nd from the left)

Photo Caption (Round Table)

Rail Transit Excellence Community members in discussion